Shielding Material | Conformal Shielding

Shielding Material | Conformal Shielding

Recently, a new shielding technology, conformal shielding, has emerged. Different from the traditional EMI shielding method of mobile phones using metal shields, the conformal shielding technology completely integrates the shielding layer and the package, and the module itself has Shielding function, after the chip is mounted on the PCB, there is no need to add a shielding cover, and it does not take up additional equipment space. It is mainly used for SiP module packages such as PA, WiFi/BT, Memory, etc., to isolate the internal circuit of the package from the external interference between systems. The conformal shielding technology can solve the EMI interference inside the SiP and between the surrounding environment, has little effect on the package size and weight, has excellent electromagnetic shielding performance, and can replace the large-sized metal shield. popularized due to the need for miniaturization.

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