Nanocrystalline | What is Nanocrystalline used for?

Nanocrystalline | What is Nanocrystalline used for?

Nanocrystalline mainly refers to iron-based nanocrystalline alloys, which are formed from iron, silicon, boron and a small amount of copper, niobium and other elements through a rapid and high-precision cooling process to form an amorphous alloy, and then undergo a highly controlled annealing process to form a nanocrystalline alloy. It is a material with microcrystalline and amorphous mixed structure.It has the characteristics of high saturation flux density, high initial permeability and low high frequency loss, and is widely used in energy transmission and filtering in the medium and high frequency fields.
Nanocrystalline ultra-thin tape products are excellent materials for manufacturing magnetic devices such as inductors, electronic transformers, transformers, sensors, and wireless charging modules. They are mainly used in consumer electronics, new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, home appliances, and particle accelerators.

To meet the requirements of the development trend of power electronics technology towards high current, high frequency, small size and light weight, energy saving, etc., it has achieved large-scale application in the wireless charging module of smartphones, new energy vehicle motors and other products.


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