Application of Amorphous Core Potting Adhesive

Application of Amorphous Core Potting Adhesive

Speaking of amorphous iron cores, many people may have less contact. Amorphous iron cores are machine parts made of iron-based amorphous ribbon materials and alloy-based amorphous ribbon materials. It has good ferromagnetism, high saturation magnetic induction, and low loss, which can greatly reduce the weight of the equipment, reduce the volume, and improve the efficiency. Amorphous iron cores are widely used in product fields such as solar photovoltaic inverters, wind energy inverters, medium and high frequency switching power supply transformers, and main transformers in uninterruptible power supplies.
In terms of shape, amorphous iron cores are large or small, round, and rectangular with rounded corners. Generally speaking, with the same cross-sectional area, the magnetic circuit of the round iron core is relatively superior.
In what ways can the amorphous iron core potting glue provide protection for the amorphous iron core:
The amorphous iron core is exposed to the air before being potted, and it is easy to oxidize and corrode under the influence of the environment. What the potting glue can provide is to form a layer of protection on the surface of the iron core, which will reduce the oxygen in the air, Water vapor and other isolation.

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