Amorphous Block Core | What is Amorphous Block Core?

Amorphous Block Core | What is Amorphous Block Core?

Amorphous (nanocrystalline) C-type core: Amorphous (nanocrystalline) C-type iron core is made of a ring iron core or a square iron core after curing, and after being cut into two halves, the shape looks like two "C", so it is called C-type. iron core. Features: low coercivity and low loss; high permeability to obtain high sensitivity; magnetic core has good frequency characteristics; excellent temperature stability can work in the temperature range of -55 ~ 130 ℃ for a long time.

Application areas: Widely used in high-frequency high-power power supplies, UPS and switching power supply power factor correction choke coils, UPS harmonic inductors, high-speed power systems, transformers for ozone generators, wind and solar power can provide other specifications of iron core solar power generation according to customer requirements Output filter reactor and inductor core in inverter.
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